In 2013 first President of HKSNA Elaine Funaro contributed seed money to begin a new scholarship for HKSNA members, the Funaro Fund. The purpose of this fund is to provide financial support to deserving active HKSNA members to offset costs associated with traveling to/from an early music workshop or masterclass with some tie-in to early keyboard instruments (continuo, etc.), which he or she might otherwise be unable to attend. The only stipulations are:

  • Grants must be used exclusively to cover travel expenses to/from a specific event (excluding food)

  • Applicants must be current active members of HKSNA

  • The event they wish to attend must be a workshop or masterclass in which the applicant would be a participant

  • The event must be a “special” event of limited duration (i.e. not a series of lessons, an extended study abroad, or coursework at a college or university)

  • The event must serve as a learning or enrichment opportunity for the recipient

  1. The Awards Oversight Committee will have responsibility for all aspects of the administration of these grants. The committee will advertise the availability of the fund, review submitted applications, select recipients, and ascertain an appropriate dollar amount for the grants in any given year, based on need, distance traveled, availability of funds, etc. The committee will also bear principal responsibility for the solicitation of donations to grow the fund on an ongoing basis.

  2. Applications may be submitted at any time during the year. There will be two periods of consideration each year, assuming adequate funding is available, with application deadlines being April 1 and October 1. The committee may also elect to accept applications submitted after the deadlines at their discretion.

  3. The committee will take appropriate steps to advertise the availability of this grant by such avenues as the Newsletter, web page, etc.

  4. Candidates should submit a letter of application which includes information on the applicant’s background and interest in early keyboard instruments or music, information on the event they wish to attend (literature or web links welcome), a list of anticipated travel expenses, and an explanation of why the applicant wishes to attend the event and how they will benefit from attendance. Creativity is encouraged! If appropriate, financial need may be described, and may be considered by the committee.

  5. All applications should be sent to the HKSNA Secretary or the chair of the Awards Oversight Committee, who will immediately distribute them to members of the Awards Oversight Committee for consideration.

  6. The committee will review all applications received, select recipients, and determine award amounts in a timely fashion so that the recipients can be notified far enough in advance of the event to permit appropriate travel plans to be made, assuming adequate lead time was provided. Applications will be judged on factors such as perceived value of the experience, anticipated benefit to the candidate, financial need, and other factors, at the discretion of the committee.

  7. The number of Funaro Fund grants provided each year may vary from year to year, depending on the number of applications received, availability of funds, etc. The committee retains the right to not confer a grant in any given year at their discretion, for example, if no suitable applications are received, or if sufficient funds are not available.

  1. For each grant awarded, an award ceiling (cap) will be designated, based on recipient’s proposed expenses, perceived value of the experience, recipient’s financial need, amount of funding available, and/or other factors, at the discretion of the Awards Oversight Committee. The actual amount awarded will be based on appropriate receipts submitted for reimbursement immediately after the event, and will not exceed the capped maximum of the grant. The grant may not cover all travel expenses.

  2. Grant recipients should obtain and retain receipts for all legitimate and appropriate travel-related expenses incurred while traveling to and from the event, such as air or rail fare, gasoline, and lodging (food and beverages are not reimbursable). The grant is intended to assist with expenses related to travel to/from an event, not local travel or lodging during the event.

  3. It is expected that each grant recipient will attend the event as described in the application. If for any reason a recipient is unable to attend or participate in the event, their funding will be forfeited.

  4. As soon as possible following the event, but within 60 days following the close of the event, recipients will be asked to prepare and submit a brief written report on the event or activity they attended, including a description of any participation, such as performance, paper presentation, or lessons received. The report should include a statement describing how the recipient benefited from attending the event. This report should be sent or delivered to the Secretary along with the appropriate receipts for reimbursement, who will promptly distribute all items to the committee.

  5. Upon receipt of the report and receipts, the committee will review all documents and determine the actual dollar amount of the grant. The amount shall equal the total of all submitted receipts deemed acceptable under these guidelines by the committee, up to (but not exceeding) the amount of the award cap. Funds will be provided to recipients as soon as possible after receipt of their completed brief written report and pertinent travel expense receipts.

  6. Recipients will be announced and acknowledged before the membership at an appropriate time during the next annual conference, such as at the membership meeting. When appropriate, the recipient might be invited to provide brief remarks about the event attended.